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1) The Africa Media Barometer
There is a special report on Botswana
2) Christopher Coenen, Ulrich Riem: Development Through Electronic
Networks. Information and Communication Technologies in Africa
Final Report (Office of Technology Assessment of the German Bundestag: 2009
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The text below is based on a bibliography and links by Prof Dr Rafael Capurro and is reproduced with permission.

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Information Ethics in Africa
A Bibliography

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Website: Africa Media Ethics

Ethics and Philosophy in Africa
A Bibliography
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:: Most Important Names in African Philosophy (A Bibliography)

polylog. Zeitschrift für interkulturelle Philosophie:

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:: African Culture
:: BBC World Service: The Story of Africa
:: Cybergeography

:: Africa South of the Sahara (Stanford University)
:: Africa Economies
:: Economy of Africa (Wikipedia)
:: Google Directory

ICT in Africa

Brown, Cheryl & and Hurst, Gabrielle (Eds). 2007. A Good Place to Start: the IDS Knowledge Services guide to finding development information online. For more information and a PDF version of the book:

Greis, Andreas: Cybergeography. Zur Morphologie des Digital Divide. In:
Rupert M. Scheule, Rafael Capurro, Thomas Hausmanninger Hrsg.: Vernetzt gespalten. Der Digital Divide in ethischer Perspektive. München: Fink 2004, Schriftenreihe des ICIE 2004, 37-50.

Tadadjeu, Maurice / Tamanji, Pius: Information Technology and Cultural Exchange. In: Gérard Berthoud, Albert Kündig, Beat Sitter-Liver (Hg.): l' information. Récits et réalité. Fribourg: Academic Press (2005), S. 53-63.

ICT in Africa:
:: ICTs for rural development,
:: Open Access Arrangements for Developing Countries,
:: The African Digital Commons - a participant's guide, 2005,
:: Africa South of the Sahara: Internet and Computing (Stanford)
(-> Statistics)
:: African Services Committee
:: AISI: The African Digital Divide Agenda (-> Scan-ICT)
:: APC Africa ICT Policy Monitor
:: Connectivity Africa (Canada)
:: ECA (UN Economic Commission for Africa)
ICT 4 Development in Africa (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA), Interdisciplinary Research Workshop (October 2005)
:: NGO.ZA: a joint venture between SANGONeT (Southern Africa NGO network) and ICOZA, South Africa's first independently empowered Tier 1 Internet service provider (ISP).

World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)

-> African Regional Preparatory Conference for the WSIS (2005) (pdf)
-> Evaluation of the Implementation of the Geneva Plan of Action and Information Society Indicators. The African Regional Preparatory Conference for the WSIS)

ICT Projects in Africa:

General Information:

:: provides interesting information about e-learning in Africa.
:: The PANOS Institute provides high quality information on communication issues in Africa. They also run a blog with many interesting articles.
:: ITU: Statistics (-> World Telecommunications Indicators Database)
:: Nua Internet Surveys
:: Open Source

:: UNCTAD: StDev
:: UN ICT Task Force
:: UNESCO: Institute of Statistics
:: UNESCO: Information and Communication Report (1999-2000)
:: World Bank: Statistics
:: Zooknic Internet Intelligence (World Domains)

African Universities and Institutions
(under construction)

African School of Open Education (ASOE)
Uganda Martyrs University: Institute of Ethics and Development Studies
University of Pretoria: Department of Information Science

:: Progressive African Library & Information Activists Group

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